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Silicon carbide deoxidizer
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Silicon carbide (sic) deoxidizer is a new type of strong composite deoxidizer, which replaces the traditional silicon powder carbon powder for deoxidation. Compared with the original process, the physical and chemical properties are more stable, the deoxidation effect is good, and the deoxidation time is shortened and saved. Energy, improve steelmaking efficiency, improve quality, reduce consumption of raw and auxiliary materials, reduce environmental pollution, improve working conditions, and improve the comprehensive economic benefits of electric furnaces are of great value.

Because of its stable chemical properties, high thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient and good wear resistance, silicon carbide has many other uses besides abrasives, such as: coating silicon carbide powder on turbine impellers or cylinder blocks by a special process. The inner wall can improve its wear resistance and prolong the service life by 1 to 2 times; the advanced refractory material used to make it is resistant to shock, small in size, light in weight, high in strength, and good in energy saving effect. Low-grade silicon carbide (containing about 85% SiC) can speed up the speed of steelmaking, facilitate the control of chemical composition, and improve the quality of steel. In addition, silicon carbide is also widely used to make silicon carbide rods for electric heating elements.

There are also many mesh numbers of black silicon carbide powder: #240 #280 #320 #360 #400 #500 #600 #700 #800 #1000 #1200 #1500 #2000 #2500 #3000 #4000 #6000 #8000. It's just that the amount used is not much, so there is not much production in the market. In terms of the size of silicon carbide used by manufacturers, it is generally between 240 mesh and 400 mesh.

 Silicon carbide powder is a powdered product processed by grinding equipment, namely SiC powder or silicon carbide fine powder. According to the properties and characteristics of silicon carbide, it is divided into: black silicon carbide powder and green silicon carbide powder

1. Introduction:

The company has a large supply in stock: 70 silicon carbide powder, 50 silicon carbide powder and 30-80 silicon carbide powder.

2. Classification and use:

Black silicon carbide: first-grade (95-97-98%), second-grade (85-88-90%) and third-grade (70%) silicon carbide powder. Mainly used in refractory materials, abrasives, casting, sandblasting, polishing, ceramics and other industries as well as silicon carbide deoxidizer for metallurgy.

Silicon carbide dust extraction powder: divided into black silicon carbide dust extraction powder and green silicon carbide dust extraction powder. In the process of producing green silicon carbide micropowder, a large amount of dust extraction powder is produced. It is widely used, not only saving energy, but also creating considerable economic benefits. The dust extraction powder content of green silicon carbide 2# port is more than 95%, and the content of 3# port is more than 90%. It is the raw material for refractory materials and thermal insulation coatings.

 3. Performance and characteristics:

Silicon carbide powder is black, brittle and sharp, and has good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. The microscopic shape is hexagonal crystal, the Mohs hardness of silicon carbide is 9.2, the Wicker micro-density hardness is 3000--3300kg/mm2, the Knoop hardness is 2670--2815kg/mm, and the microhardness is 3300kg/mm3. In abrasives, it is higher than corundum and second only to diamond, cubic boron nitride and boron carbide. The density is generally considered to be 3.20g/mm3, the natural bulk density of the silicon carbide abrasive is between 1.2--1.6g/mm3, and the specific gravity is 3.20-3.25. Black silicon carbide is made of petroleum coke and silica as the main raw materials, adding salt as an additive, and smelting at high temperature in a resistance furnace. Compared with green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide has slightly lower purity, hardness and brittleness.


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